Why we do what we do!

You may well have read my previous post on how & why we started FitTogether, I also wanted to let you know the WHY too!

Andy & I want the world to be a happier & healthier place, NiaLondon2and one of the ways we believe we can do this is to support people to take control of their own health; we believe in health creation, and our way of making a difference has been to design fun & welcoming family based classes. We want to support you as a parent (or parent to be) to be as happy and healthy as you can be which in turn makes your children happier & healthier too, and then just think of their children and grandchildren.


HealthEase being the opposite of Disease

Our exercise classes are our way of addressing public health issues and improving the health of our world! We live in a society and culture that manages disease & alleviates symptoms and so we wanted to change this one family at a time, we started with our own and and then to further this we set up our Social Enterprise HealthEase CIC to bring this to others. That is why we have worked with the NHS, and have other exciting plans in the pipeline with them, we are working with national charities and are about to start a project working with local schools.

You may just be getting the picture that we take this very seriously, so it may not surprise you that we wanted to get it right and as such we really took our time designing and developing the class and to be fair we still did not get this right immediately…we have learnt lots and lots over the close to 3 years we have been delivering classes and thank you to the 900+ parents we have had come through our classes helping us to hone and perfect them!
In addition to Andy’s 12 years as a personal trainer and clinical exercise specialist, we wanted to make sure we had all the correct qualifications (again…we take this very seriously as parents and great believers in changing the health of the nation) and as a result Andy’s qualifications are varied and many… as a Physiologist by degree (BSc & MSc) and a Personal Trainer (NASM & Diploma in personal training), he became a Postural Stability Instructor (REPs Level 4) & a pre and postnatal exercise specialist.

BabySkyW198H251This covered the exercise for the mum (parent) part however there are always other important people in the class…your little ones and so, for the children he is an Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM) & Newborn Behavioural Observational (NBO) facilitator …to understand infant development and to be able to support you to support your children emotionally and physically in the sessions.


And then finally for the use of the carriers we are both Trageschule trained Babywearing consultants, members of BABI (British Association of Babywearing Instructors) and made the decision that we would provide the carriers for your use, as we researched which carrier we would want you to use and feel happy to use in the sessions for so many reasons!

SportReliefTandemCarryCorrect positioning for your baby (their spine & hips), cool enough for you to get a good workout and comfortable for you to be able to carry your babies up until about a year and we have still made some further adaptations to ensure your babies safety!

As you can start to see there were so many considerations that we have had to look into and answer to give you and your children the best possible experience in our classes it is a whole other post (that will be coming very soon!)


We really look forward to seeing you at a class soon and thank you for helping us spread the word to many more parents and we are in conversations with Sport England and Skills Active (The Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being) about taking this to the next level and to all the families of the UK!


Alison x


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