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As you may know we are crowdfunding to get a professionally produced version of both our award winning parent & child exercise classes made in the New Year, one will be FitTogether Baby & the other is FitTogether Toddler!

Going to classes has not always suited everyone for lots of reasons

From the times of classes, locations, other family commitments, babies’ and toddlers’ nap and mealtimes to not wanting to exercise in front of other people and to not being “an exercise person”! This now answers these and gives another option! These videos will give you or someone you love the opportunity to exercise with their children in the comfort of their own home and we are so much more than just an exercise class!

What you get!
Our baby classes are designed to support appropriate exercise for the postnatal body whilst giving a really great workout. The session can be varied exercise by exercise, as adaptations & progressions are shown, and includes a section on how to make your own carrier appropriate for use during the programme or alternatively, the whole video can be done whilst baby sleeps or plays!

Our Toddler class is designed to support optimum neurological & physical development for the little people involved. We look at specific movement patterns that support their growth whilst doing the exercise to storytelling to keep them engaged and interacting to allow you both a fun filled workout!

How it works!
A unique code will be sent out allowing unlimited online access to either a FitTogether Baby video, a FitTogether Toddler video or both. You don’t have to wait for a class to start near you, to be on the right day or even have to do it with children.

The next step!
To make this happen you have lots of choices. Simply choose from the best perk for you on our Indiegogo crowdfunding page. Starting from a small £3 donation, to £6 for a copy of either programme (or £10 for both) up to an opportunity to be in the video for £289 to the ultimate 6 month Personal Training package!

Look after yourselves and your family at this busy time of year and here’s to a happy & healthy 2016


Alison x

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