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What you all say about FitTogether Baby…

It’s a lovely class to do with your baby, I’ve really enjoyed the ‘FitTogether’ classes that I’ve been attending for the past few months. I’d definitely recommend it. Rosaleen x

Went to my first FitTogether class with Caitlin this morning. Andy is a great instructor, he gives very clear instructions and is very knowledgeable about what exercises to do and why for mum and baby. I will definitely be a regular attender at the Hale class. A must for any parent of a child under 1. Katy

I really enjoyed having Ben close & the slings are great. Alison

Just wanted to let you know how much Chloe & I enjoyed our first class today! Thanks for allowing us to do the trial! Looking forward to next week! Katie

I had a really great time at the class last week, usually I don’t like group things but everyone was really friendly & there was a lovely atmosphere.Thanks. Hannah 

I’ve been to the Didsbury class a few times with my now-5&half month old. As one of the other posters commented, exercise classes aren’t normally for me, but i tried this as a bit of a random effort. Lo and behold, i really enjoy i! Ok, so i have described it as my ‘bonkers exercise class’ but in a very good, positive way. Somewhere between aerobics, zumba and.. ?how else to describe it. professionally run and taught yet you get a very real sense the organisers are committed to your and your baby’s wellbeing. They’re very flexible, too. But most importantly (for me), is it’s a real laugh, enjoyable and sociable. Do give it a try. Caroline

Knowledgeable instructors, friendly atmosphere, great way to bond with baby and baby enjoys it too. Julie

This class is great!
Let me just start with the fact that I am not usually an ‘exercise person’ at all! I actually got referred here as I was having some problems with mild postnatal depression, and we know exercise really helps boost mood and battle depression. I was really skeptical at first, as I usually never actually enjoyed exercising! I normally find it a real chore, and didn’t see how it would help boost my mood! I decided to give it a try anyway, as my gp, counsellor and Alison (who runs the class) had encouraged me. I’m really glad I did!
The class is very relaxed and everyone is very friendly. The class is very flexible, they show you can make it as hard or easy as you like and if you need to nip off to sort out baby, it’s fine. I always feel more positive and motivated after I’ve been and I feel much better in myself now.
If any other mums are feeling down or even just finding it all a bit of a struggle, I would totally recommend this class! it’s fab! Kelly

An amazing exercise class, perfect for just after you’ve had your baby, but so good I am still going 15 months on!! The class instructors, Andy & Alison are very welcoming and put you at ease the moment you walk in the room. They have an excellent knowledge of baby wearing and helping to get your post pregnancy body back into shape. I cant recommend this class highly enough! Jess

I absolutely love this class; I always leave feeling great. I get to spend a whole hour cuddled up with my baby whilst exercising and always have a good laugh too. It’s indoor so there’s no issue of leaving your baby shivering nearby in their buggy whilst you run around in the rain – by far the best option for exercising with a baby in my view! Claire


FitTogether pregnancy - healthy mummies, healthy babies
Giving you and your little one the best start together. Preparing you and your body for birth and beyond.
FitTogether newborn - learn, grow & thrive
A 6 week rehabilitation course - a scientific approach to appropriate, corrective physical activity.
FitTogether baby - fit parents, happy babies
A specialist postnatal postural & core strengthening class that has you and your baby at the very centre of your exercise session – where you get FitTogether.
FitTogether toddler - fit parents, fit kids
A fun filled & power packed workout to suit busy schedules and support families to be active, healthy & FitTogether!