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It all started with this one question…

How do you exercise when you have a baby?…

Andy McNeil mother and baby gym

…That was the question I asked Andy, my husband (a physiologist, personal trainer and clinical exercise specialist), after we had our son, Archie. I hoped he might be able to provide the answer…

I didn’t feel I could call my parents over every time I wanted to pop out for an hour to the gym and I didn’t want to leave Archie in a crèche. Or, if I could take him with me what if he needed feeding? What would I do if he cried? Would he sleep so I could do the class? Even reading this now feels exhausting, so it felt easier to do nothing! Yet, I wanted to look after myself, and I knew that I would feel better doing something…so where did that leave me.

Finally…5 years and 2 more children (Tilly and Nia – Nia’s the one in the photos) plus many further qualifications for Andy including pre and post natal exercise specialist, postural stability instructor, infant massage instructor & NBO (Newborn Behavioural Observation) training and, both of us, as babywearing consultants…and winning an award from the UnLtd Millenium Awards Scheme… FitTogether Baby has started.

FitTogether Baby gives you the opportunity to exercise WITH your baby in a baby carrier. The carriers are specially chosen, and provided by us for use in the class. Babies love being carried and this gives them multiple benefits… babies in slings cry up to 40% less, find relief from reflux, spend more time in a quiet, alert state (when they are most receptive to learning) and the world makes more sense to them as they pick up on your cues and responses. FitTogether Baby classes help strengthen the bond between you whilst providing your baby with the rich & stimulating environment of movement, music & touch.

You and your baby are at the centre of your exercise session. The FitTogether Baby classes are warm & welcoming and offer areas where you can go with your baby if you need to see to their needs. The classes focus on specific postnatal postural and core strengthening, using state-of –the-art exercise equipment and the latest specialist postnatal exercise science.

Helping boost energy, relieve tiredness, improve self-esteem, reduce depression, improve posture and lower stress…all with the often talked about happy by-products of weight loss and changes in body appearance.

Andy & I are passionate about relationships, connections and being active and the difference all these can make to our health and happiness and that of our children and the next generation. With this in mind we have continued to develop and offer more classes to help families get FitTogether and now another 2 years on we have now designed and offer FitTogether Toddler; a class for parents with toddlers & preschoolers (which babies can come to too!) This naturally followed on from FitTogether Baby as I worked out that we had designed a class I could go to with Archie, yet I had very quickly had Tilly, so would not have been able to come to our own class! And that I was not alone in this…I regularly get asked by mums ” can I bring my toddler to this too?” as well as “what age is this class suitable for?” as mums and dads still want to exercise AND do it with their little people!

Additionally we run FitTogether Pregnancy, a class for mums-to-be who want to give themselves and their unborn babies the best possible start. Preparing themselves for labour, investing in their own health & happiness and that of their little one.

And finally, we have started FitTogether Newborn; a highly specialist 6 week rehabilitation course which utilises a scientific approach to appropriate & corrective physical activity. Focusing on pelvic floor and postural stabilisation to support recovery from the physiological and anatomical changes of pregnancy. Recognising that investing in you as a parent is investing in your baby’s future. Designed for mums from birth until 12 weeks and for those looking for more gentle or focused reintroduction to physical activity.

We want the world to be a happier & healthier place and this is the way in which we can help! helping families get FitTogether and we’d love you to join us at a FitTogether class soon!

Love Alison x

(& Andy & Archie & Tilly & Nia)

p.s we are now crowdfunding to bring 2 of our award winning classes into your home – FitTogether baby & FitTogether Toddler.  Check out our campaign, choose your perk and you can make it happen!

FitTogether pregnancy - healthy mummies, healthy babies
Giving you and your little one the best start together. Preparing you and your body for birth and beyond.
FitTogether newborn - learn, grow & thrive
A 6 week rehabilitation course - a scientific approach to appropriate, corrective physical activity.
FitTogether baby - fit parents, happy babies
A specialist postnatal postural & core strengthening class that has you and your baby at the very centre of your exercise session – where you get FitTogether.
FitTogether toddler - fit parents, fit kids
A fun filled & power packed workout to suit busy schedules and support families to be active, healthy & FitTogether!