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our mission

FitTogether is a service in the portfolio of the Social Enterprise – HealthEase.

Our Mission

We started HealthEase because we believe that everyone has the right to the best health & happiness; a world where everyone has the

Happiness & health – the foundations of our toolkit for life

opportunity to flourish and fulfil their potential. We believe that by working with strengths & assets, health and happiness can be created and we can all develop resilience to illness and the challenges of life.

A social enterprise is often known as a “not-for-profit” organisation – a better description is “profit-for-purpose”. We aim to make a profit for one purpose: to increase the health & happiness of people, families and communities without boundaries. It is essential to our mission that our services are fully accessible to all. We use the profits to develop and deliver services.

FitTogether pregnancy - healthy mummies, healthy babies
Giving you and your little one the best start together. Preparing you and your body for birth and beyond.
FitTogether newborn - learn, grow & thrive
A 6 week rehabilitation course - a scientific approach to appropriate, corrective physical activity.
FitTogether baby - fit parents, happy babies
A specialist postnatal postural & core strengthening class that has you and your baby at the very centre of your exercise session – where you get FitTogether.
FitTogether toddler - fit parents, fit kids
A fun filled & power packed workout to suit busy schedules and support families to be active, healthy & FitTogether!