Revolutionise Your Life with this Year’s Resolutions?

Why do so many New Year’s resolutions have such a short life expectancy – often not seeing February?
Because they feel like hard work and a bind and changing our behaviour can be really difficult and it needs a new perspective.

Introducing the Joy of Movement

There is a solution … get fit by adding joy and an inquisitive approach to your movement – remember what it was like as a child to bounce on the bed, to run like the wind, to climb trees, jump in puddles and to skip instead of just walking. We maintain our motivation by taking this joyful perspective, rather than the all too common ‘chore’ viewpoint of getting fit with hour after hour on treadmills and exercise machines. Take a journey of discovery and learning that will revolutionise your life, and revitalise every part of it.

family fun - running on the beach

Allow children to be our teachers and coaches

The FitTogether Approach

We believe in making exercise fun and attractive. It’s human nature to do the things we like, that give us pleasure and make us feel good and this is what we tap into. As physiologists and clinical exercise specialists we’re passionate about optimising movement while giving you the best return for your investment in you.
The FitTogether exercise programmes are founded on years of extensive research and development; analysing every aspect of the classes and the anatomy, physiology and neurology of your body and your child’s development. The result is a set of programmes that give you the best outcomes and allows you to focus on having fun.

Our Guiding Principles

Exercise and fitness does so much more than ‘simply’ strengthening and developing the biochemical and physiological processes of the cardio-respiratory and musculoskeletal systems. Movement trains our nervous system, revitalises our emotional wellbeing and reconnects us with our evolutionary inheritance and what it is to be human.
In optimising these returns, FitTogether has 4 guiding principles to nurture a joy of movement and develop skills that bring freedom:

  • Posture;
  • Technique;
  • Mindfulness; and
  • Thoughtfulness

We make a distinction between the last 2 because mindfulness is a constant awareness of how our mind and body feels, while thoughtfulness is an ongoing focus of what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and comparing it to the technique we’re

move with joy - whatever you enjoy doing

me being mindful – if nothing else it improves the outcome for Alison’s toes!

aiming for. This last point is essential; we need to know the technique we are aiming for … what it is, what it looks like and what it feels like.

Mindful Movement

Mindful and thoughtful movement is key to optimising our returns from our exercise; nurturing our body, reducing the risk of injury and ultimately maximising our enjoyment. Exercising is as much about our head as it is about our body; when we move we must engage our mind.

Posture & Technique – essential members of the family

Technique and posture must be our primary focus. Posture provides the platform and correct technique is the essential foundation of movement.
As we all know there are huge benefits from simply getting moving. However, a disproportionate focus on quantity of movement at the expense of quality puts our bodies at risk of injury. All movement, including activities we take for granted and rarely think about – like walking & squatting – need good posture and technique for both efficiency and safety.
We have inherited amazing gifts from human evolution in our anatomy, physiology and neurology. However, we have some challenges that counter the beautiful balance of our bodies. Modern lifestyles spent sitting down and moving less can accumulate negative impacts on our posture. Many of us have also lost the habitual practice of activities that develop our natural ability to balance and coordinate complex movements.
Reawakening these innate abilities forms a foundation for our health and physical and mental wellbeing. We can overcome the negative forces of modern lifestyles and create health, happiness and freedom.

Primal Movement

Another guiding principle of the FitTogether approach is our focus on allowing our bodies to thrive and flourish the way they are designed to.
In terms of our movement, this principle can start by simply getting out of the way of the body’s natural movement patterns – this can be from footwear to machines and certain other fitness paraphernalia. Machines make us conform to their movement patterns and separate us from our functional capacity, as do thick, cushioned, sensory-stealing soles. We believe barefoot is best…but that’s a whole other blog in itself!

Stay tuned for upcoming articles on barefoot exercise and movement and others on techniques for staying motivated and supporting yourself in making changes and getting fit.

An Invitation

If you want to start your journey of health, vitality & discovering your inheritance of human evolution then select one of the fitness packages or pre-order your exercise video from the perks on the FitTogether at Home page.

Happy New Year and we wish you a health-filled, movement-fuelled and energised 2016.

Climb trees, laugh & play - experimenting & learning from the fun experts, the kids in our lives

Climb trees, laugh & play – experiment & follow the experts in having fun … the kids in our lives!

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