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pregnancy, postnatal & toddler exercise classes

Welcome to the FitTogether family of pregnancy, postnatal & toddler exercise classes

FitTogether pregnancy, postnatal & toddler exercise classes has a simple ambition:
to add joy, health and vitality to your life
and the life of your little one.

Our unique designs provide you the opportunity to enjoy exercise in a time of life when it can be the most difficult to find the opportunity to fit it in.

The FitTogether family of pregnancy, postnatal & toddler exercise classes are designed with you and your little one at the centre – developing health, fitness and wellbeing for you and your family.

Designed and delivered by specialists in exercise for the pregnant and postnatal body. Improving cardio-respiratory fitness, muscular endurance & strength, mood & posture and nurturing your baby’s health and development. Helping you to prepare for birth and parenthood.

The programmes and each exercise can be adapted to suit you – your physical health, your stage of pregnancy/postnatal and your fitness levels.

The FitTogether sessions are performed to music; music has a profound affect on the enjoyment of exercise and our motivation – playlists are specially selected to enhance the sessions, uplifting our mood and increasing our energy.

FitTogether pregnancy - healthy mummies, healthy babies
Giving you and your little one the best start together. Preparing you and your body for birth and beyond.
FitTogether newborn - learn, grow & thrive
A 6 week rehabilitation course - a scientific approach to appropriate, corrective physical activity.
FitTogether baby - fit parents, happy babies
A specialist postnatal postural & core strengthening class that has you and your baby at the very centre of your exercise session – where you get FitTogether.
FitTogether toddler - fit parents, fit kids
A fun filled & power packed workout to suit busy schedules and support families to be active, healthy & FitTogether!